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Proposal Revised

Category: Research Proposal

Subcategory: Biology

Level: Masters

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Plant growth promoting endophytes (PGPE) provide a tremendous sustainable opportunity through symbiosis for plant growth and inhibition of plant diseases (Keykavousi et al., 2016). A good example is the use of microbial endophytes from the Teucrium polium (Amin et al., 2015) which has been found to have endophytes that promote plant growth and inhibit infections from diseases through symbiosis (Hassan, 2017). The objectives include: to find out the symbiotic relationship between cucumber and rhizobacteria isolated from Teucrium polium, to investigate the properties of the microbial endophytes that lead to promoting plant growth and to establish the antagonistic properties of the bacteria and how it protects the cucumbers from infection.
Experimental method follow Hassan, (2017) the study will involve ten different samples of cucumber plants grown in vitro. Five will be speared with C. orbiculare and the other five will not be smeared and will be the test experiments.
Two-way ANOVA method for its statistical analysis due to its accuracy and consistency, follow Two-way ANOVA in SPSS Statistics (2018).
There is a great need for sustainable options for crop production. Establishing the relationship between microbial endophytes from Teucrium polium is very important in the development of biological enhancement of production. It provides a more sustainable option for the agricultural proc…

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