butterfly’s life cycle

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butterfly’s life cycle

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Butterfly’s Life Cycle
Butterfly’s life cycle
Butterfly undergoes four transformational stages in its life span. The life cycle of this organism can last for a period of one month to one year. The process of transformation to become an adult butterfly is known as metamorphosis. In the earlier stage a butterfly produces eggs, and after 5 days a worm-like organism comes out of the egg. The second step comprises of a caterpillar which is also the larvae which eat the leaves and flowers (Postlethwait & Hopson, 1995). The stage is growing and eating stage in the life span of the caterpillars. After the second stage and in the following stage we have the chrysalis which is a stage when the caterpillar completes growth, and it’s also known as a pupa. Pupa stage is a resting stage when the caterpillar transforms to a butterfly. The fourth and last stage is the butterfly which gets out of the chrysalis, and at this stage, it learns to fly. The DNA sequence of a butterfly is similar to that of a caterpillar in all the somatic cells.
The life stage in a butterfly begins with an egg, and it is facilitated through the process of meiosis to produce a diploid adult, and hence it matches type-3 life cycle.
The reproduction in butterfly starts with courtship when the male flaps its wings releasing pheromones above the antennae of the female butterfly (Postlethwait & Hopson, 1995). The pheromones are sexual stimulants in the organism. Asex…

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