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PIM Critique

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Article Critique
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Critique on a Teacher’s Personal Information Management
Diekema and Olsen (2011) have defined the background of PIM-personal information management. The author states that very little is known about PIM practices of teachers but goes further to explain that PIM involves the undertakings concerned with finding, re-finding, and storage of information that comes about due to the need of getting information. The author’s introduction is rich in defining the basics of a teacher’s information management.
In this article, the issue of understanding how a teacher conducts PIM has been addressed. The author has talked about it in sixteen paragraphs, covering the activities that lead to finding information, organizing and storing it, PIM study groups and the behavioral characteristics of online information seeking. He also goes further to explain the methods involved in research of his paper, the interview questions, the teacher’s personal information space and how a teacher finds information (Diekema & Olsen, 2011). These problems have been covered on pages 2-5.
The author’s address on information finding, re-finding, organization, and storage gives any reader a first-hand experience of the PIM practices of a teacher. His evaluation is objective. Diekema & Olsen (2011) have analyzed the information sources including digital libraries and print sources. Here, the author shows the reader that there a…

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