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Photo analyzing

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The photo is set in 1959 based on both the timestamp and the mode of dressing that is adopted by the people in the picture. Moreover, the black and white format adopted may give leads to this kind of setting as depicted in the photograph. The location of the picture is in Moscow, Russia, based on both the description and possibly the mode of dressing as evidenced by the people in the picture. Importantly, this picture is majorly invested in highlighting the culture and heritage aspects of Russians around the period of the 1950s (Mayday). For instance, the cloth cap that is worn by the boy on the photo is among the striking things that capture the attention of the audience on first glance of this piece of art. Further behind, we note an old woman with a big headscarf that extends right into the shoulders. The characteristic cotton fabric that has majorly been used in the clothing of the people in the photo point towards the predominant dressing culture of the Russians.
The stadium in the photo is the warm black and white color of the photo that shows the photo was taken in the early centuries during the colonial era, while punctum that makes the photo captivating to look at is the inclusion of both the young and the old which represents respect and unity. There is an emotional connection in the photo whereby both the aged and the young have teamed up to become one family, and the young seem to be ready to be guided by their eld…

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