Persuasive Memo First Draft

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Persuasive Memo First Draft

Category: Argumentative Essay

Subcategory: Ethics

Level: College

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TO: Denise 
DATE: SUBJECT: Proposed Changes to the Proposal
It has come to my attention that you intend to move forward with accepting the contract despite the events that transpired, going against our company’s policies. As a close friend and working partner, I wish to advise you to terminate the remaining process of securing the client. So far the entire process has suffocated most of us, and despite our astounding presentations, we were still shortlisted among last firms preferable by the client. There is no point of us persisting, and in case your quest to win the contract succeeds, there are significant issues I want to bring to your attention before you accept the deal.
We have served several clients since we started the company and most of them have complemented our honesty with regards to our potential as a firm. We have not made any promises that we weren’t in a position to fulfill nor have we disappointed our clients at the end of the projects. Insisting that we can complete the task within such as short time is somewhat impractical and we stand a chance to destroy the reputation we have built over the years. The project cannot take less than six months and might require even more time depending on its complexity.
Furthermore, no systems are perfect and being one that will be hosted online; there will still be few imperfections that many results to it being compromised. Most of o…

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