Persuasive Memo Analysis

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Persuasive Memo Analysis

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Persuasive Memo Analysis
A technical document is structured in a manner that it addresses a specific group of readers, it communicates a solution to a problem, has elements portraying the organization culture and goals, and it is well organized to ease reading and understanding. Furthermore, its production is done collaboratively, and it utilizes words or images or both. The Memo to Denise is a technical document as it is directed to a specific person and can relate to only the people working within the organization. Secondly, the memo contains details that reflect the organizational culture and goals. They include upholding honesty when dealing with potential employers, stand against any form of discrimination and collective decision making. Furthermore, the memo describes the goal of the company to be the best firm in their line of work. It is also structured in a manner that one can easily follow through and understand the information being passed. However, the document is not produced collaboratively as the message has been created by a single person and not by a group.
The message in the memo has a well-structured flow of information presenting clear arguments hence creating a logical case. The author’s content connects with the recipient both at a professional level and a close working relationship. As a result, the message is passed efficiently to Denise. The memo’s opening sentences capture its primary pur…

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