persuasion or propaganda

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persuasion or propaganda

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Propaganda and Persuasion

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Propaganda and Persuasion
During the 1918 Russian Civil War, there was news depicting Leon Trotsky as the leader of the Red Army. The news was accompanied by pictures of a dragon with a top hat that were used to describe the head as the fighter in Saint George advocating for communism. It was regarded as the main weapon against capitalism. The title of the news associated with the leader was the theme of counter-revolution printed on the picture. The Russian diverse interests in capitalism, socialism and monarchism required massive support for the Red Army to defeat the South Russian White Army. The support and creation of the Red Army required massive public support and thus prompted the use of pictures for persuasion. This essay explores the story of the Russian Civil War by Mawdsley to develop the difference between persuasion and propaganda.
The key difference between propaganda and persuasion is the line of honesty. In persuasion, the underlining story should display some sense of truth and should be free from falsehood. The amount of time taken to spread a persuasion message is comparatively more (Jowett, 2008). The main fields that use persuasion are the political arena. On the other hand, propaganda is a platform for spreading negative messages. The methods used are mainly unethical and normally regarded as destructive poli…

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