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Personal Statement MBA Program

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A Personal Statement for an MBA Program
A Ship in the Harbor is Usually Safe. But Ships are built to sail across Vast Waters
I was brought up in a conservative family. My mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother were all married at a young age of 17 years. I knew well my life would follow a similar trend unless I took and made bold steps regarding education. Driven by the pressing urge to break this deep-seated social cycle of early marriages, I took my education seriously at the high school and college levels. I was lucky to be the first female in the family to graduate from college and later enrolled in a graduate program in the United States. My parents offered the much-needed financial support and the psychological and emotional backing to study abroad. This I must admit required me to break from the comfort zone, face my fear, and consequently develop a resilience that comes with meeting new people, acquiring new experiences, and of course, merging and interacting with students who we share different cultural backgrounds.
My journey towards engineering was paved by obvious obstacles and challenges, including the fear of people, the fear of the uncertainty of situations, and self-doubt. For example, I remember struggling to recite the Pythagoras Theory in front of classmates during a mathematics session. My palms were sweaty, legs were shaking and heart was racing as I faced the entire class. Although ha…

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