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Personal Statement 2

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Personal Statement
My educational background was based on my interests since I wanted to make progress and development as a result of my career. I pursued graduate studies in to gain more skills which could secure my employment opportunities in various organizations. The society I grew in appreciated education. Therefore there were opportunities for all the children without discrimination regardless of their gender. I had the determination and the passion for learning, and this enabled me to be self-motivated. Education institutes play a very crucial role in the society. Students acquire new skills which help them in future. Moreover, people come from different backgrounds. Therefore, it fosters understanding and individuals relate well to each other.
I chose business administration as the career to pursue in college. In KTJ international high school located in Malaysia, I was very good in mathematics, and I enjoyed playing with numbers. The passion led to the decision making of the course to take. During my free time, I always reviewed what I had studied during a particular day. It helped me excel in my examinations. Moreover, I joined Washington state university to major in business management. It is marketable, and there are high chances of employment. However, one must have the required skills and prove that after the interview is carried out. In most cases, the tests are often practical so that the potential employee may show his/her skills to the employers.
I have work…

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