Personal role in groups

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Personal role in groups

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Personal Role in Groups
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Personal Role in Groups
Undeniably, being a member of a small group requires one to be highly dynamic such that he or she can play different roles. I have mastered the art of effectively performing various duties. However, I am usually more comfortable being a contributor. In most of the instances during group discussions, I always prefer to give ideas that are commensurate to the task. In fact, my group members assign me the duty to research and seek more information on the topic under study. As such, I am always making presentations or doing much of the talking during group sessions. In line with this role, I also play the role of an information giver where I am tasked with explaining ideas and information I give as a contributor (UrbanCitylove1, 2015).
Conflicts are inevitable in group discussions as members always argue due to ideological differences. In most cases, such issues are brought about by the fact members always challenge ideas given by others as weak. Others want to force their opinions to be adopted by the group. As such, the best approach I undertake to handle conflicts is by the avoiding technique. Although this method is detrimental, it is highly effective as it diverts the topic hence evading the contentious one (UrbanCitylove1, 2015). For instance, if the members are conflicting over a political issue, I change the subject to a religious one thus neutralizing the ground which disc…

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