Personal Health Record adoption by healthcare consumer

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Personal Health Record adoption by healthcare consumer

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Effect of Education on PHR use
Imke CaseyGeorgia College and State UniversityJeanne Sewell, MSN, RN-BC, Committee Chair
Rebecca Kitzmiller, PhD, MHR, ADDIN EN.CITE <EndNote><Cite ExcludeAuth=”1″ ExcludeYear=”1″ Hidden=”1″><Author>World Health Organization</Author><Year>2011</Year><RecNum>353</RecNum><record><rec-number>353</rec-number><foreign-keys><key app=”EN” db-id=”esfx2pe0td0xz1ere07590ftdfa9rx059sze” timestamp=”1425831937″>353</key></foreign-keys><ref-type name=”Report”>27</ref-type><contributors><authors><author>World Health Organization,</author></authors></contributors><titles><title>Global status report on noncommunicable diseases 2010. Retrieved from</title></titles><dates><year>2011</year></dates><urls><related-urls><url></url></related-urls></urls></record></Cite></EndNote>RN, BC, Committee Member
Deborah MacMillan, PhD, CNM, Committee Member
Sheila Fusé, B. A. Sc. Committee Member

Purpose/Aims: (1) To assess the attitudes towards the use of computers of chronic disease adult primary practice patients, (2) to examine the rate of portal PHR use within a four week time p…

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