Personal Experience on Ethical Dilemma Revised

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Personal Experience on Ethical Dilemma Revised

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Personal Experience on Ethical Dilemma
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Personal Experience on Ethical Dilemma
Ethical behavior is an important aspect of the business success and profitability. Having ethical behavior in business means to obey appropriate laws and regulations, being honest, competing fairly and putting own curiosity above those of your own business and its workers. Social responsibility is the tactic that a company uses in balancing its accountability toward various stakeholders when making social, ethical, legal and economic decisions (Skripak, 2016). Doing the right thing is a key motivator for a company to be socially responsible. Most customers consider price and quality when purchasing a product.
It was on a Friday when searched on the internet for an online company that delivers products once customers place an order. I landed to an almost wonderful site that guaranteed free delivery of quality and affordable product to its customers. The numbers of reviews from previous customers made me place an order. However, I was still not contented with the services but attributed my worry for being my first time transacting virtually. The product was relatively cheaper compared to other firms. The operator assured me of timely delivery of the quality product within seven days.
The one week appeared like a whole month. I was contacted on the day of delivery which reduced my worries. I went for the product and was made to pay the shipping fee. I felt c…

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