Pearl Harbor and Manzanar Internment camp

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Pearl Harbor and Manzanar Internment camp

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Pearl Harbor and Manzanar Internment
One of the ideas in the excerpt is patriotism which requires one to have a sense of responsibility. From the extract, the two terms relate and depend on each. To achieve patriotism, a person must take responsibility even if it entails risking the precious life that one has. From the excerpt, a lesson learned is that life must continue despite the difficulties that exist (“Pacific Island Ranger”). When a person takes a duty into his or her hands, he should execute it to the fullest and his level best. The soldiers took the responsibility of fighting for their country which they did despite getting injured.
In the Manzanar internment, the Indians faced hardships of being locked in settlements, but that did not stop them from serving their nation and working hard to feed their families. In the excerpt, Bill woke up and proceeded to the working station so that he can protect the camp despite being fully dressed exist (“Pacific Island Ranger”). That shows a high level of discipline that he had towards the duty that he was mandated to serve. Attitude towards work is one of the virtues that a person should possess.
The internees showed a positive attitude towards work which enabled them to create an opportunistic living environment out of the bad condition that they were living in. The soldiers also illustrated that from the motivation that they had of working whil…

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