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The American Promise
Northwest Ordinance Document Summary
Northwest Ordinance described the 1787 land act that outlined the processes by which the settled territories would be named as states. The Ordinance was a Congress act of the United States’ confederation. The document set forth the methods to be implemented to admit new states to the Union on territorial basis besides listing the guaranteed bills of rights over the boundaries. The law indicated that an increase in population over the territorial boundaries meant a region would be termed as a state. Furthermore, the document puts it that slavery was not entertained in the Northwest Territory. The ban on slavery in the region was mainly aimed at ensuring equality on the basis of power between the United States and western lands. The three major elements of the Northwest Ordinance is the directive on the division of the Northwest lands into three to five states, three stages implemented in admitting a new state into the Union, and the protection of the religious freedom through bill of rights.
Historical Importance
The Northwest Ordinance is of historical importance as it provided a clear standard for the admission of the Northwest parts into the Union within the Northwest Territory. Also, the Northwest Ordinance document contributed majorly to eliminating slavery in the Northwest lands. Prevalently, the document assists me in understanding that by banning slavery over the Northwest T…

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