pay and leave/ salary and wages

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pay and leave/ salary and wages

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Pay and Leave
I feel that the human resource management aspect of ‘pay and leave’ is the most relevant in today’s labor market. This is because the workforce landscape has changed from what it was 50 years ago. In the past, many women stayed at home taking care of their families while men were in the office and fields working. This ensured that families could manage both home and work issues. However, today more women are in the workforce and families are struggling to balance between work and family issues such as taking care of children and the aged. In other words, work-life balance has become difficult to attain in today’s workforce because of dual-career parents. For this reason, I feel that a paid leave is vital to allow employees to take a short break from work and recover from sicknesses and attend to other important family and life issues. In fact, this may lead to increased productivity.
Also, considering that today more women than ever before are in the workforce, the issue of pay and leave cannot be escaped. Unfortunately, despite these great strides towards gender equality in the workplace, most women do not go back to their jobs after giving birth due to lack of paid maternity leave or paid parental leave. As such, most women are forced to remain at home after giving birth to take care of their children as they try to look for alternative sources of income. In states where there is a policy for paid parenta…

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