Paris Terror Attack

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Paris Terror Attack

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Paris Terror Attack

The news of the terror attacks in Paris was received with grief and sorrow. The ISIS terror organization claimed responsibility and that is why we should ask ourselves the reason behind attacking France despite it being one of the European countries with friendly immigration policy. I believe that the reason behind attacking France was due to it being determined to restore peace in Syria and the other the Middle East States. The French have always donated troops and military aid to transitional governments to bring stability in the Middle East region. ISIS when claiming responsibility stated that it targeted France because of its military and political intervention in Syria and Iraq. In addition to that, ISIS claimed that it was responsible for bringing down the Russian Plane for getting involved in Syria airstrikes. Therefore, the motivation of attack was due to the involvement of global superpowers in Middle East affairs, and France is one of them is not excluded.

Other people may have a different opinion of this attack. Some claim that the attacks are due to retaliation of the innocent civil lives that are lost in the Middle East region due to the intervention of global superpower in oil-producing countries. Such people point out to countries like China, who have never witnessed terror attacks since they distance themselves from invading or interfering with other country’s sovereignty. It is for this reason that, the terror attacks are aimed at coun…

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