Paris Attack

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Paris Attack

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Paris Attack: Thesis, antithesis, synthesis

It is right to use capital punishment (death) to grant justice for serious offenses. In some extreme situations, it is wise to grant justice through the death penalty to make the world a better and friendly place. The recent Paris attack is one incident that explains why we have to make difficult choices sometimes if we are determined to make the world a better place. The world cannot tolerate the terror groups who are commissioned to kill innocent civilians just for their selfish gains. It is unacceptable. Therefore, it is right to subject such extreme situations to capital punishment for the sake of justice.

It is never right to use capital punishment to grant justice, however, serious the crime is. Christian society is opposed to the fact that justice can be granted using capital punishment (death). They claim that life is precious, and no matter how serious crime may be, it is only God who has the authority to take life. They claim that it is a barbaric act to execute someone because it is horrible. A person may sometimes get a death sentence by a mistake withstanding the fact that we are not angels but instead we are human beings who make mistakes. Christians base their argument on one of their commandment that states that thou shall not kill. Life is very precious, and a death sentence cheapens life making it meaningless.

As much as Christians and other like-minded groups are opposed to capital punishment, they should also …

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