Overview of Civil Liability

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Overview of Civil Liability

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Civil Liability
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Civil Liability
Police officers can be held responsible for their behaviors and majorly in the case of a misconduct. In a civil police lawsuit, a petitioner can prosecute the police for a number of reasons which only require a low level of prove for the police to be held responsible for his or her behavior, in the recent past the trends in civil police lawsuits has been increasing, and there are different forms that also comes with the rise. The patterns include an increase in cases that are successfully litigated against the police, a high number of judgment against the police regardless of their excellent record and good performance and there has been a sharp increase in cases filed against the police since the 1960s (Ross, 2012). The police have been prosecuted for behaviors like assaulting people. In this case, the cops always cause fear to the person so that the person in question can go by their demands. Causing physical harm to their subjects in the process of arresting a suspect. The trends in police lawsuits continue to be on the rise with new forms appearing every time (Ross, 2012).
The police have different attitudes towards the possibility of litigation. A high percentage of the police officers fear the chance of being litigated therefore they take some actions to prevent the possibility of being sued (Ross, 2012). Research shows that the police officers who have been in service for an extende…

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