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Overcoming Obstacles.edited

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Overcoming Obstacles
To achieve our goals and objectives, it is vital for us to mindful of how we spend our time. Most college students, especially first-year students, struggle to transition from the structured schedule of high school to the rather less-controlled plan associated with colleges. Consequently, the establishment of strategies is ongoing with the aim of helping us to manage our time. They include, analysis, itemizing, and prioritization.
In summary, we break down time to establish how much of it is at our disposal, then we identify the tasks at hand and finally arrange the assignments according to the required importance urgency. Not only can effective time management help you achieve your goals in school but it can also bring balance to your life.
Studies have proven that high levels of stress may hurt one’s grades. As a college student, you are exposed to a new environment and experiences that you were not accustomed to in high school resulting in stress. From being away from home for the first time to an unknown academic structure and even pressure to perform academically further aggravate stressful situations and result in low grades.
Therefore, it is crucial for a student to develop ways to cope with stressful situations. Looking for a social guidance and support can go a long way in alleviating these situations. Additionally, being optimistic in the face of ad…

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