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Outcomes research

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Outcomes Research
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Outcomes research denotes a study that aims at establishing the effectiveness of interventions or services that focus to promote the quality of health while focusing on the affected individual. Some of the measures that outcomes research looks at include cost-effectiveness, disease burden, health status, preferences, and the quality of life.
Sampling methods and study designs
In outcomes research, random sampling is rarely applied unless when it comes to randomized controlled trials (RCTs). Apart from RCTs, most samples in outcomes research are obtained from large databases (Grove, Gray, & Burns, 2015). Clinical or administrative databases are used for sampling in outcomes research.
The most popular study designs for outcomes research are the observational research design and the quasi-experimental design. Observational research is a non-experimental study where the researchers observe the ongoing behavior of the participants. Observation is done directly and in the natural setting. On the other hand, a quasi-experimental design involves the use of a control and a test group without the application of randomness.
Important characteristics of outcomes research assessment instruments
The important traits of the assessment instruments used in outcomes research are as follows. The first trait is applicability. Any assessment tool used in outcomes research should be compatible with the assessment approach….

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