Originals By Adam Grant

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Originals By Adam Grant

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Originals by Adam Grant
The workplace environment is influenced by several factors that determine the success of an institution. Two key issues highlighted by Grant include gender equality and the relationship between leadership and the performance of the members of staff with respect to the sections “Speaking while Female” and “Quitting Before Leaving” respectively. From an analytical viewpoint, Grant sheds light on the difference between agreeable and disagreeable managers and the gender inequality subjected to women in the workplace.
Grant presents an analytical review of the significance of agreeable and disagreeable managers in the workplace. Supportive or agreeable bosses are considered as helpful when it comes to assisting their employees who are faced with dissatisfying situations when compared to disagreeable managers who tend to be skeptical and critical (Grant 80). Grant highlights a study that assessed the level of happiness between agreeable and disagreeable people (81). As per the findings, agreeable people found happiness when complementing and praising others while disagreeable people found happiness critiquing others. It is perceived that agreeable managers tend to shy away from providing critical feedback to prevent the occurrence of conflict. However, disagreeable managers tend to be direct when providing criticism such that they challenge the members of staff to be more direct and improve their co…

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