Organic farming methods vs Conventional methods

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Organic farming methods vs Conventional methods

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25th October 2015
Organic Farming Methods versus Conventional Farming Methods: A Critical Appraisal
Organic farming is referred to the form of agricultural practice that integrates natural techniques like green manures, crop rotation and biological pest control methods. This form of farming depends upon the natural resources and biological derivatives produced in the environment (Venkat 620-649). Organic farming strictly excludes any methods or materials that are produced synthetically. This form of agricultural practice is strictly regulated as per the standards and recommendations set by the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements (IFOAM) (Venkat 620-649).
Conventional farming, on the other hand, deploys synthetic resources and use of non-natural resources. These resources include synthetic growth regulators, artificially prepared hormones, usage of antibiotics and implementation of genetically modified organisms in routine agricultural practice. In spite of lower yields, organic farming is gaining recognition, due to its lower potential for causing health hazards and increased environmental sustainability. The present article would compare the organic and conventional farming methods, and their respective productivities in terms of yield and utilization of resources (Meisterlin…

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