online socializing a new agent of socialization

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online socializing a new agent of socialization

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Online Socializing a New Agent of Socialization
The main conclusion drawn from the article is that online platform has become a significant socialization agent in the society. As clearly explained by the author, the persistent inventions and innovations in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) have greatly transformed socialization. It has given people an opportunity to use the internet to interact freely with one another thus, sending messages, sharing ideas and exchanging information.
The data presented in the article are quite comprehensive and detailed. They are clearly illustrated for easier understanding by the readers. In these data, the author provides exhaustive information on the use of online media in the socialization process. When interpreted, the data can be helpful in understanding how dynamic online socialization is. This can be helpful in appreciating the essence of such media to different sectors of the society.
As clearly outlined in the article, socialization is a better tool in human life. Without such socialization agents, human life can not be comfortable as it ought to be. Nevertheless, if not appropriately utilized, online media can be so harmful. It can disorganize the society by causing lots of challenges. Apart from disrupting unity and harmony, online socialization can lead to the spread and sharing of information that can be harmful to the users. These might be pornographic information t…

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