One world health and the environment

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One world health and the environment

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One world health and the environment
Argue for or against Fukuyama’s claim that “a biotechnology that seeks to manipulate human nature not only risks consequences, but can undermine the very basis of equal democratic rights as well”
Biotechnology can be defined as the harnessing of cellular as well as biomolecular processes in the development of technologies and a variety of products that are used in enhancing human lives by helping combat diseases as well as other global problems such as hunger. The biotechnological solutions have widely been used to address food security problems and providing treatments for previously untreatable diseases. With the World’s population growing exponentially, the need to have food security and to safeguard the future generations has called for modern solutions such as biotechnology (McKenny 20). Biotechnology not only promises mankind of solutions to food problems, but its medical advancements promise a profound effect on the medical field and eradication of diseases that were once thought to be incurable or chronic. However, biotechnology‘s effect on medical advancements has its effects. While it may provide solutions to address global problems, it introduces challenges that may not be realized in the short term period may alter the human history in years to come. Francis Fukuyama, in his book entitled, ‘Our Posthuman Future,’ he argues that as much s biotechnology is b…

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