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One Smooth stone

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One Smooth Stone
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One Smooth Stone is organized by function structure. It is through the functions and the activities that are conducted that determine the effectiveness of the work output that is provided by the employees in the company hence resulting in the realization of the good productivity of the organization (“One Smooth Stone”, 2018). According to the CEO, there are several changes for the last 20 years that have been realized in the company due to the change in the design in which the company does their work especially the online and the live events (Ledogar, 2018).
The organization uses a philosophy of three words to ensure that their clients get quality products, that is, smart, fast and kind. The company ensures that they deliver their services and products to the customers as fast as possible. They also make their products as accurate and presentable as required by the client. The organization equally maintains kindness and respect to the customers that they are serving (Ledogar, 2018). There is also maintenance of integrity not only to the clients but also to the employees that they are working with to ensure that they do the works to the best of their ability.
The One Smooth Stone organization is using the horizontal arrangement since they have few employees and also according to the way the employees work, they tend to use the informal style rather than the formal one (Ledogar, 2018). Apart from the small workforce, the emp…

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