On society and politics revised

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On society and politics revised

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On Society and PoliticsThe arena of politics is closely related to the society because it is the people in a community or a nation that vote in their leaders, in the world a democratic setup to create the political class. On the other hand, in a dictatorship, the society is ruled by those in a position of leadership, who form the political group that steers the nation to the direction they deem fit. The incorporation of the society and politics into one thing that makes up a nation means that one cannot do without the other. If the society is absent, the political class ends up with nobody to exercise authority over. This paper will discuss the work by Jürgen Habermas: On Society and Politics, and explain is the reasoning of the two concepts in regards to modernism.
Jürgen joined the concepts of social theory, the state and the society in general, to form one large framework that he used to explain the modernity. His was a more refurbished version of modernity where he opinionated that for democracy to be attained (Habermas 23) there has to be an invocation of a general notion of reason. If the society were to have a common voice of reason with the state, the nationals would enjoy democracy. The social theory according to him was to be in agreement with the state’s norms and rules, for there to be a government for the people and by the people. His sense of modernism allowed the synchrony in the beliefs and thoughts of a…

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