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Leadership and Management in Nursing

Leadership and Management in Nursing
Leadership is the relationship that exists between the people who take charge and those who choose to follow the leader, who coordinates and directs the activities of a group of individuals towards the realization of a common goal (Sfantou, et at, 2017). Management, on the other hand, is the act of controlling the actions of people in an organization or a business setting to fulfill a certain objective.
The process of leadership involves the creation of a vision to be realized in an organization, alignment or people with the vision by use of effective communication, and the motivation of people to take action through the fulfillment of basic need and empowerment. The process of leadership creates an air or change and uncertainty in an organization. In contrast to this, management takes the steps of planning and budgeting, staffing and organizing, and problem-solving and controlling. The processes of management create an air or certainty and stability in an organization. The process of management involves the implementation of direction and vision that is provided by leaders by handling the day to day problems or the company like staffing and coordinating the organization. This puts leaders at a higher hierarchy than managers (Lunenburg, 2011).
Authors of the various article on leadership and management speak with a great certainty about the most needed behaviors needed in orga…

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