Obsessive love

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Obsessive love

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22 May 2015
Obsessive Love
Love is a positive bonding in the whole emotional realm, being of many varieties depending upon the relationship. In this essay the conjugal love or love between couples, married or not, would be examined, particularly in its obsessive or imbalanced or blown out of proportion angle. How love can become unhealthy, eating away the core centre of a relationship, and instead of nurturing or tending, or letting it grow beautifully and fruitfully, it can bring the downfall of the persons involved, like a deadly virus slowly spreading itself, multiplying , creeping stealthily, invisibly and even leading to a fatal end.
One brilliant example that can be taken from a famous piece of work, is Shakespeare’s Othello, where the love of Desdemona and Othello take from a tragic to an absolutely destructive and fatal end, killing something that could have been otherwise so nourishing and shining in its quality. Othello had an initial jealousy, thinking Desdemona was unfaithful to him. But this took an extreme form, eating away into his soul and spirit, which became a vicious obsession for him, tearing and raging into him, which ultimately led to killing and murdering his lady love with a dagger. Love in its shades and parts can be very protective, possessive and a diabolical form of obsession leading to death (McPherson 460-2). It can turn into evil, symbolizing the very devil and Satan within a human being….

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