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In Psychology, there are different definitions of the term, “obsession”. Various scholars have attempted to define an obsession in diverse ways. In fact, it is closely related to the term “compulsion”, which may be rendered to mean desires, drives or certain needs, among others. Nonetheless, these definitions often incorporate the same notions and ideas (Carter & Colleen 548). Research has shown that instances of obsession may be genetically or naturally acquired. Obsessions are rendered normal. However, they may bring about complications when they hinder an individual’s productivity. Psychologists assert that obsessions may, in fact, be a type of disorder (Frost, Randy & Gail 1-2). This paper will explore the different definitions of obsession apropos of psychology.
An obsession refers to the instance of having irritable, unwanted and distractive thoughts. These thoughts often interfere with a person’s natural being. Clearly, intense obsessions may result in distress and depression in an individual. As prior mentioned, obsessions may be closely tied to compulsions (Carter & Colleen 548). These are conditions that force individuals to oblige to certain actions. They often arise when one desires to react or respond to a given obsession. It is also necessary to understand that strong obsessions may lead to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Howbeit, as the name suggests…

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