Nutrition of Burn Victims

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Nutrition of Burn Victims

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Nutrition of Burn Vitamins
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Nutrition of Burn Victims
A burn is a destruction of the tissue by high heat voltage, radiation or through chemical reactions that destroy the cells structure and at times causes the death of the affected cells. Some of the causes of body burns include direct exposure to heat, electricity or fire (Murabit & Tredget, 2012). The body also burns reduces the weight of an individual by a great percentage. Some nutrients increase metabolism rates when consumed in the body hence causing burning down of fats. The majority of athletes maintain low body weight and body shapes that are fit. Some of the types of the burns include first degree burns, secondary and third-degree burns. In the first degree, only the upper layer of the skin is damaged causing pain and swelling on the body. The burns of the first degree heal within a very short period of three days (Morris, Wardrope & Ramlakhan, n.d.). An example of this category is the sunburn. The second degree entails the damage of the dermis part where internal cells interfere with to a certain percentage. The burns can heal in a period of about one month. The last category entails full skin burn. The affected area becomes less painful due to the destroyed sensory nerves as compared to a slightly burnt part. The damage to the epithelial cells is of great level, and this calls for immediate check up in the hospital (Morris, Wardrope & Ramlakhan, n.d.)…

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