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Nursing care

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Nursing related problems in the neonatal care unit are significant throwbacks in hospital organization all over the country. Although most hospitals may claim that they have enough staff to attend and care for all the patients, it is undeniable that not everyone’s interest is served during the neonatal care. According to Dogra (1) “There are many facets of the management … which are as yet evolving.” And this implies the field is experiencing changes and the management need to look at new ways to solve the new challenges that come with those changes. Nurses may be doing all their best to ensure that the young ones are cared for at all-time, but there remains a significant challenge which the health care providers need to focus on and address to serve the population in a better manner (Nugent 3). The nursing problem I delve in is the disruption caused in the family surrounding when the child or infant is hospitalized. This is a centered family problem where the nurses focus too much on caring for the infant and in the process forget the big picture: the infant is part of the family (mother, father and other siblings). In the process the infant is taken away from the family, a part of the family bond is severely impaired.
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