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nursing bibliography

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Nursing Controversial Issues
Li, Hongyan, Wenbo Nie, and Junxin Li. “The benefits and caveats of international nurse migration.” International journal of nursing sciences 1.3 (2014): 314-317.
This article looks at the effect of nurses migrating from one country to another and the effect of such behaviors. Workers are now moving from one state to another for various reasons. Some move because of economic reasons in search for a better paying job while other looks for social reasons. This migration has affected the health care system with nurses migrating from one country to another. This trend has affected many health care systems in various countries. This movement affects a notion even at a national level as sometimes they have to plan on how to handle shortages of nurse that is caused by the migration of these workers.
By 2013 there was a shortage of nurses that was expected as a result of a nurses’ migration. This kind of deficit affects a society that depends on these medical professionals to receive medical services from them. Nurses naturally tend to migrate to developed countries where they are assured of receiving fair compensation for their services. Nurses migrate from their original countries due to job availability and improved quality of life in countries that they migrate to. This issue of nurse migration is controversial due to the sensitive nature of their profession, and at the same time, they have the right to choose …

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