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note taking strategies

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Note-taking Strategies
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Note-taking Strategies
Taking notes is a crucial activity for any student as it helps them in remembering concepts and betters their understanding in a subject. Note taking involves summarizing the main idea accurately but in one’s words. Notes that are unclear, messy and unorganized waste on time and rarely are they put into use. Proper note-taking methods assist students in preparing for lectures and reviewing concepts after a class.
One of the conventional techniques of taking notes that is widely used by college students is the outline method. It allows organization in a structured form which not only saves time but it also makes editing easy. In this method, bullet points are used to represent topic and subtopics (GoodNotes, 2018). The central theme is succeeded below by a related subtopic. The strategy is preferable for subjects that have a lot of details.
Another method is mapping, which uses graphics to represent the content of a lecture. It is the best technique for intensive coursework as it enables identification of relationships between topics. The method is advocated for because it maximizes on active participation and critical thinking. Also, the mapping style applies if someone has no idea regarding what a topic entails.
A technique I have used before is the outline method. And it remains to be my favorite because it highlights crucial points in a logical way which facilitates quick revision in the fu…

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