Nicholas Carr: Is Google Making Us Stupid

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Nicholas Carr: Is Google Making Us Stupid

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Nicholas Carr: Is Google Making Us Stupid
The article Is Google making us stupid by Nicholas Carr was published in The Atlantic in 2008. The author talks of the extent to which the internet has affected the overall thinking of people and their attention span. At the essay begins, Carr describes a scene where the supercomputer Hal is being destroyed, and it pleads for its life as each wire is removed. The supercomputer complains that its brain is going, this symbolizes human beings. The slight difference between the two is that a person is destroying Hal whereas human beings sabotage themselves. From the article, it is true that Google and the technology, in general, are slowly making people stupid.
The writer talk of how he feels his brain is being restricted, and so are some of his friends and acquaintances. They no longer hold a book and read, but instead, they click on few links on the internet (Carr). The problem with this is that the kind of results found through such research is not comprehensive enough. Also, the internet has led to a reduction in people’s attention span and their level of critical thinking. The current generation believes that Google has all the answers which have made them lazy.
The orderly arrangement of the articles is excellent as Carr starts by explaining the positive impact that the internet has impacted on the human race before diving into its negativity. And to justify his allegations, the author presents …

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