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Category: Admission Essay

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Coordinated Care
Nursing is a vital career that entails a lot and requires that nurses work in conjunction with other doctors to guarantee quality health care. A nurse is tasked with carrying out the instructions given by doctors and physicians regarding quality health care delivery. I have chosen to nurse as a career because of the coordination of work that nurses are expected to adhere to while ensuring that patients receive the best healthcare (Sands & Diaz-Buxo, 2011).
Patient Advocacy
I was motivated to take up nursing as a career because of the knowledge that it offers a nurse while caring for a patient. Since a nurse is responsible for explaining the medical progress of a patient, I became interested in pursuing my degree in the discipline (Nahuis & Boon, 2010). A qualified nurse with vast knowledge regarding medicine will give an accurate explanation regarding the health of a patient. In this regard, a nurse is required to spend more time with a patient in order to understand his condition and give an appropriate explanation to the doctor for accurate treatment. I became motivated by this factor to pursue a degree in nursing because it also gives the nurse an opportunity to understand the various cultures and ethnicity of people.
Patient Care
Patient care and comfort is an essential goal for a nurse to ensure that the patient recovers and assumes a normal life. The main goal of every nurse is to deliver quality healthcare to…

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