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Sideview Glass

If you are in need of glass tiles that scream elegance, luxury, and style, Sideview tiles from Crossville Company may be a solution for you. It consists of an arrangement of multi-beveled glass tile that gives it its signature spectacular glare that dazzles on exposure to light.
Sideview Glass is made with utmost care and cutting-edge technology; they can blend exquisitely in almost any setting. From hotels to office spaces and even in homes, Sideview tiles provide a site to behold. The tiles can be used in interior walls (in either wet or dry applications) as well as in covered exterior.

Moreover, you have an array of sizes and colors to choose from. The available primary colors include- copper, gold, tungsten, and silver which can either have polish or matte finishes. This modern work of art is usually available in 3*3 tile sizes. Furthermore, the beveled nature of the Sideview tiles increases its shiny luster and gives it a dazzling visual outlook.
The tiles are easy to clean and maintain as no waxing is needed. Additionally, they are stain, chemical, and mildew and mold resistant. Also, the ‘green’ nature of Sideview tiles means that you will impact positively on the environment.

Sideview’s numerous advantages may be tainted by the fact that it is quite expensive as compared to other ceramic or glass tiles. The price ranges from $8 to $10 per square foot, but rea…

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