Network Security Risk Assessment

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Network Security Risk Assessment

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Network Security Risk Assessment
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Network Security Risk Assessment
It is clear from the information available that there is a breach in the company’s network. It is also possible that the direct competitor has breached the network and is directing traffic meant for the business’s website to their own website. A network penetration test is necessary in this case to determine the extent of the breach, and to determine the steps necessary to secure the network. A network penetration test is a network test that is conducted to determine the security of a network and to identify the security vulnerabilities in place. A network penetration test usually involves attacking the network to determine whether the network is vulnerable to such an attack. The attack is done by the security authorized to perform the attack. Tests can differ from simple testing procedures to complex procedures that may involve patching up faults in an operating system (Chung et al., 2013).
To ensure a successful network penetration test, the following steps need to be followed:
Planning and preparation
The process of penetration is an involving task that may be time-consuming as well. A great deal of planning usually goes into the preliminary stage of the testing process. First, a meeting should be scheduled between the business’s management and the penetration test team. The preliminary meeting is very important to streamline the steps that will be…

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