Network Penetration Testing

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Network Penetration Testing

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Network Penetration Testing
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Network Penetration Testing
A network penetration test is a sequence of procedures done on a system or a network to determine the vulnerabilities that are inherent in the system and subsequently take the necessary steps to ensure the identified vulnerabilities are addressed. The system or network must have an existing security measure in place (Cole, 2011). These security measures are to be tested for their vulnerability, hence the term ‘penetration testing.’ In this case, the company wants to perform a penetration test to test the vulnerabilities in its private loaning operations. The company offers private loan facilities to students and performs its operations in conjunction with a number of external players that the firm partners with in order to facilitate the loan services. This document will outline the tests to be done on the firm’s network, the reasons for performing the tests, the possible vulnerabilities and will also identify he recommended actions to ensure the system’s security is tightened to reduce risks of hacking or breaching of the network.
Explain the tests you would run and the reason(s) for running them (e.g. To support the risk assessment plan)
A network penetration test is done sequentially. Before running any tests, information gathering and analysis of this information is crucial. The gathering of the information is meant to identify the system and all its componen…

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