Network Administration

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Network Administration

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Network Administration (Annotation)
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Farrokhi, B., Bogorodskiy, R., & Pradeep, D. (2008). Network administration with FreeBSD 7: Building, securing, and maintaining networks with the FreeBSD operating system. Birmingham, U.K: Packt Pub.
Farrokhi and Pradeep in their book explained that Network administration works towards maintaining a firm’s data and management of networks. Information technology gets employed in many companies and many users have adopted it. Users usually apply this to share and communicate their products and the organizations processes to others. Network communication is very reliable as it helps secure, maintain and provide effective data networking. Conversely, it is stated that network administration is somewhat a system administration that focuses on keeping an organizational computer information technology up to date and ensure smooth running. An enterprise that employs the use of multiple computers usually incorporates network administration so as to coordinate various systems of the firm effectively.
According to Farrokhi and Pradeep (2008) network administration has all that entails the company’s wellbeing concerning organization and maintaining the privacy data. He adds that for those enterprises that have two routers in their firms can also manage and controls other switches and firewalls something that is of importance for a focused company.
Importance of network administrati…

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