Nepoleon Bonaparte

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Nepoleon Bonaparte

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Between 1769 and 1821 lived a French commander, referred to as Napoleon Bonaparte. Many have come to associate the name with the French revolution, but the truth is, Napoleon was a product of the revolution. He was born while the great French Revolution was still in progress, but his action after taking over as the commander of the French army established himself as a chief proponent of the French revolution. The great French revolution was started to mimic the American revolution that had preceded it. The theories and the political ideologies during the great revolution were shaped by the historians and philosophers of the period. However, three ideals stood out from the revolution, liberty, freedom and equality for all. The French citizenry were tired of autocratic governments and envisioned a civilized government where he citizenry could participate in and that guaranteed equality for all. However, the French revolution is famed for the different stages that it had to undergo. Some critics even say that the various stages are ideologically different, some acting as the antithesis for the other stages. All along, the philosophers contributed to the ideologies. When one ideology failed, they could quickly take up another ideology from a different philosopher and implement it. This ideology changes characterized the French Revolution until Napoleon entered the scene when he oversaw a coup de tat on the govern…

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