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need for weed (pdf)

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Use of Weed among Athletes and Players
Cannabis is a commonly abused drug widely the world. Many countries have been trying to legalize it in recent times due to the discovery of its medicinal value. Some countries have however not followed the same due to the negative effects it also has. Chris Lee discusses the need for weed.
The article is titled “The Need for Weed” written by Chris Lee. It talks about the use of weed by athletes and the advantages they get and why it has not been legalized in sporting activities. The author focuses on various athletes and those in other sports who use weed. Lee looks at the advantages they get regarding energy and improved performance on the pitch. The various highlighted athletes confess how they use weed and the advantages they get from it.
A good example is Avery Collins. I don’t agree with the author. When weed is legalized in sports, the competition will be unfair. Those using weed will be advantaged. It will become a platform for showing how best you work under weed influence instead of a show of natural talent. I was familiar with the topic before (Lee N.p). Weed as I know is a drug with more negative effects. It brings more damages to users than benefits. Its medicinal value is not that significant and can be replaced by other medicine. The author didn’t handle the topic well. He is biased. He only deals with the medicinal value and fails to look at some of the negative…

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