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Compliance versus Ethics
The NCAA is concerned with compliance rather than ethics. This is evidenced by how NCAA handles misconducts in the various sports tournament across the United States. A compliance-based program focusses on strict adherence to set guidelines and enforcement of penalties in case the guidelines are not followed. An ethics-based program is focused on doing what is right at all times. The case studies indicate that College administration is aware of the guidelines set by NCAA but still allows different forms of misconducts such as unfair play and student harassment to take place (Armen and Draggan, n.p). The New Belgium Brewery holds the view that business ethics is not about establishing compliance guideline but the spirit of integrating those compliance guidelines into the business. On that note, NBB incorporates Triple-Bottom-Line (TBL) in its operation where the success of the business considers economic, social and environmental aspect. The approach of NBB is a sharp contrast with that of NCAA. It can be noted that colleges do not showcase the spirit of integrating the compliance guidelines set by NCAA in the various college sports and are more willing to pay penalties which is an indication of not being concerned with the social aspect of the college sports business.
In my opinion, NCAA is making an effort of realizing a Triple-Bottom-Line. The self-reporting and monitoring initiative by N…

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