My Strengths

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My Strengths

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My Strengths

In discovery own talent keen observation should make on the individual, and thus this enables me to escalate my strengths unanimously (Buckingham & Clifton, 2001). From the strength list, the following strength fits me most; creativity, determination, I have excellent communication skills, my goals are to gain more self-esteem, and I am a good time manager.
For one to excel in his or her endeavors, sharing valuable stories at work is a significant practice that helps them build their strengths. I once arrived late for an interview which was as a result of a traffic jam. I had to beg for my plea so that I would be allowed to present my credentials. Strengths that I used include being determined and having excellent communication skills to convince the panels that it was not my fault to be late. It is thus necessary to consider time management as the most important strength when one wants to succeed in life. +
Email from my five friends confirmed that the most common strengths which attributed to me include enthusiastic, self-reliant, determined, respectful, creative, accurate, pessimistic, discipline, accurate, action-oriented, honest, industrious, appreciative, ambitious, and a critical thinker which I can confirm to be facts about me.
The twelve most essential strengths for me to include creative, honesty, determination, critical thinking, self-reliant, appreciative, discipline, ambitious, respectful, discipline, and enthusiasm….

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