My Life as a Neolithic Artist

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My Life as a Neolithic Artist

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My life as a Paleolithic Artist
Life as a Neolithic artist was not easy, For starters, I was not even an artist. To be an artist in the modern terms would mean that I have work to show, or that I am recognized or renowned. For me, it was simpler than that. I lived in the Paleolithic period, it what is today’s, South Africa. I was a hunter-gatherer Australopithecus man who found a pebble resembling a face. Upon showing it to the rest of my clan, they found the resemblance uncanny. For us, that rock meant something and had a symbolism attached to it. For us, the stone said something greater than us.
In a strict sense, I did not think of a date of my discovery but the modern dating methods stated that I found the pebble around 3,000,000 before the Common Era. After I had found it, the stone was rediscovered by Raymond Dart along with my bones. -I really liked that pebble-. Concerning the materials, I must say that I did not use any but my hands when I carried the pebble from the site I found it, to my cave. However, if you ask me the materials of the rock, I would say that it is a pebble of jasperite cobble. The stone shows wear and tear patterns that make it resemble a face. That is why I found it interesting. The pebble is made of Jasper, a rock that is of a reddish color because its iron contents. That is why the face has a red color. Also, I could not say I used any technique because I just found it outsid…

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