my favorite toy on my childhood.

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my favorite toy on my childhood.

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My favorite ToyGifts and toys are a part of any child’s growth process. They make children feel loved and appreciated as well as being of value to our lives. Birthdays, Christmas and new years were the main days when children got gifts from the parents, sibling and even friends. Growing up toys were tools to play with and not learn so much. They represented my world of fantasies and what I yearned to have moist. For this reason, my parents mostly got me toy cars and toy houses to play with.

Something unique and out of the blue happened when my parent bought me a diary. I had not had such a gift before and this was not as pleasing to me as they thought it would be. “I only knew how to play with toys, what was I supposed to do with a diary?” I asked myself several times. After about a week with the diary and having written nothing on it I decided to try it out. I made a drawing of a cat on it and it impressed me. I continued to write stupid stuff and little other drawings on the book as time went by.

One day I came home from school very angry and did not feel like taking to anyone. I went to my room and found the diary s I had left it that morning. I opened it up and wrote all that had hurt me that day. Since then the diary felt like a person to me. I would occasionally express what I felt on the diary and after writing I would feel some level of comfort and relief. The diary created a bond with me. It felt like the kind of friend tha…

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