My academic life in Baylor

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My academic life in Baylor

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My academic life in Baylor College
Since the time I was in seventh grade, I could picture myself attending a prestigious college of medicine to pursue my dream career. At that age, I could envisage building my career in medicine and earning my reputation.
Nonetheless, I could not discern the perfect institution to enroll for and turn my dream into a reality. As time went by, I gradually developed a clear image of the kind of college I wanted to join. By the time I was in tenth grade, I had narrowed down my options owing to the specific qualities that I was looking for. I wanted to join an institution that is reputable and known beyond the boundaries of the U.S and has carved a niche in the sciences and particularly in medicine. The institution had to offer quality education, unmatched by any other college in its respective state and beyond. I realized that to get the best in my studies, I needed to not only focus on the academic perspective but also a supportive environment that would help in tapping the potential in me. My dream college had to place value on the students and guide them through the process of actualizing their dreams during the period of study as well as assist them in taking the next step upon completion. It was to be a place where I will meet new people, learn new things every day and seize every opportunity for growth.
As I narrowed down my options further, I thought of Baylor as the best option. …

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