Muscular Dystrophy Revised

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Muscular Dystrophy Revised

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Muscular Dystrophy
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Muscular Dystrophy
The condition refers to a collection of genetic disorders that slowly affects the muscles causing weakness and eventually lead to disability. The conditions are usually mild in the initial stages but worsen over time, on the onset a muscle group is affected but towards the end, the symptoms move to other muscles. It is not a life-threatening condition unless heart and lung muscles are affected CITATION Ara00 l 1033 (Arahata, 2000). There is no known cure for Muscular Dystrophy (MD), but the treatment involves the management of the symptoms to enable the patient to live a near normal life.
In every healthy human body, there are genes whose sole function is the formation of proteins that prevent the destruction of muscle fiber. Due to defective genes, the muscles are susceptible to damage and as a result, MD occurs. MD is as a result of mutation of genes mostly as a result of hereditary factors CITATION Ara00 l 1033 (Arahata, 2000).
Initially, patients complain of frequent falls, weak facial muscles, and generalized muscle weakness, muscle cramps, difficulty in climbing, running and skipping. In some cases, they have a curved spine, eyelids droop, have problems swallowing and breathing. Blurred vision also features in some cases.
To get a diagnosis of MD the doctor makes an investigation of the symptoms as presented by the patient. It is necessary to inqui…

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