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multiple disorders

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Co-Occurring Disorders
Co-occurring disorders are the distinctive but several malfunctions of the body due to an influence of substances. Some of the common distinctive disorders are; depression associated with the use of addiction to alcohol, and other hard drugs such as cocaine, panic-disorder associated with marijuana, alcoholism and poly-drug abuse with schizophrenia and doubtful/unclear personality with irregular poly-drug exploitation (Corrigan et al., 2016, p.51). This suggests that there is no static combination of a co-occurring disorder. The disorders vary from patient to patient. Psychiatrists disorders differ from one individual to another in terms of sternness, chronicity, infirmity, and the magnitude of impairment.
To distinguish between the co-occurring disorders and mental health conditions is that co-occurring disorders are associated with more severe, social and emotional problems compared to mental illness. They are vulnerable to relapse and a deteriorating of the psychiatric disorder. Relapse prevention must be administered to people who are vulnerable to the problem. Patients with co-existing disorders, often call for exceptional treatment, because they are often found in crises though they record a gradual progress in treatment. Due to the fact that masking can happen on the symptoms and it becomes hard to distinguish between mental illness and co-occurring disorder, a thorough test on the problem is needed s…

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