Multicultural Competence

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Multicultural Competence

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Multicultural Competencestudent affiliation
Multicultural competence is fluency in more than one culture which surrounds a person. Cultural competence is essential when dealing with people in society because, a majority of people belong to diverse cultural groups, languages, races, ethnicities, and beliefs. In the therapy field, it is crucial for counselors to be multicultural competent to avoid judging a client based on their cultural beliefs and practices (Gorski & Goodman, 2014).
A competent multicultural counselor should be aware of own assumptions on values, biases, and behaviors. Secondly, competent multicultural counselors should create intervention strategies when dealing with clients from a different cultural background and they should not blame the issue on the client’s culture. Thirdly a multiculturally competent counselor should try to understand a client from their cultural perspective or a different cultural perception. Multicultural competence helps a counselor comprehend that standard counseling techniques may not be helpful to clients with diverse cultural backgrounds. Secondly, the counselor will be able to understand that cultural practices are not accountable for the issues a client goes through (Gorski & Goodman, 2014).
Multicultural training helps in increasing cultural self-awareness while reducing racial prejudice. Through increasing cultural self-awareness, counselors will be able to have a better understanding of a client. A counsel…

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