Movie “Hotel Rwanda” analyse three examples of entrepreneurial activities

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Movie “Hotel Rwanda” analyse three examples of entrepreneurial activities

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Analysis of Three Entrepreneurial Activities of the Lead Character in Hotel Rwanda.
Hotel Rwanda is a movie based on a true-life story of a hotel manager called Paul Resusabagina, who manages Hôtel des Mille Collines. Paul is married to a Tutsi wife, and he lives a happy life. Nonetheless, after the Hutu military initiated a campaign aimed at cleansing the minority, Tutsi, Paul is impelled to house refugees in his hotel. Throughout the film, Paul shows entrepreneurial alertness skills, effectuation and causation process application, all of which are entrepreneurial activities. This paper will focus on analyzing three examples of entrepreneurial activities of the lead character in the film herein.
The first example of entrepreneurial activity demonstrated by the main character is the scene in the hotel where the chef and Paul discover that the twelve of the lobsters are dead. Paul immediately ordered the chef to save the shells of the dead lobsters, fill them with cassava and fish and serve it as ‘fresh lobster in cassava and tipali crust.’ This instance shows Paul applying the effectuation process to come up with a solution to the problem. The effectuation process is whereby an individual takes a set of given means, and he/she focuses on selecting between some possible effects that can be formulated from the given set of means (Sarasvathy 245). In this situation, the sets of means available were the dead lobsters, cassava, and fis…

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